Beech BE200 Super King Air Charter

Beech BE200 Super King Air Charter


The BE200 Super King Air is a twin-engine turboprop built by Beechcraft, now part of the Textron Aviation group.

The BE200 is part of the larger King Air family, which was initially launched in the 1970s with the BE100 and then further developed into the King Air BE200 and finally into the Super King Air 300/350 variants.

The King Air family features a pressurised cabin, allowing the aircraft to fly more efficiently at higher cruising altitudes (up to 35.000 feet). With a 5-metre-long cabin, the King Air BE200 can comfortably seat up to 10 passengers.

Requiring only approximately 700 metres runway for take-off, the King Air is a perfect choice for short-hops in and out of demanding airfields.

Beech BE200 Super King Air Range Map

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Aircraft Summary

Beechcraft - Textron Aviation
Flight Attendant:
Typical Catering:
Drinks & Snacks
Maximum Passengers:
2,408 km
Cruising Speed:
463 km/h